Samsung Gala‎xy S20 Plus Vs. iPh‎o‎ne 11 Pro Max:

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If you 8217;re due an upgrade, or simply want something new and shiny, both of these massive, powerful flagships are tempting purchases. But at over $1,000 for each, it 8217;s unlikely you can buy both. Which is better for you? We found out.

Fast charging (25W)

Fast charging (18W)

Looks aren 8217;t everything, but when you 8217;re spending so much, you want something you can show off. Thankfully, both of these phones are stunners. The Galaxy S20 Plus is probably the more unique of the two, with a sleek bezel-less design with curved edges, and a single hole-punch for the selfie camera. But the iPhone 11 Pro Max is no ugly duckling, and while the notch is sizable, the bezel-less design is no less stunning.

There 8217;s a substantial difference in weight though, and that 8217;s down to build materials. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a stainless steel frame, which is likely to be stronger than the S20 Plus 8217; aluminum frame. Durability differences end there though, and both have an IP68-rating for dust and water-resistance.

It 8217;s very hard to separate these two, but based on the screen, the S20 Plus has to take the win.

Things are rosier for the iPhone where battery life is concerned. A full charge will take you into the next day and beyond, with our review unit hitting 35% at 5 a.m. after coming off the charger at 8 a.m. the day before. We haven 8217;t had a chance to test the S20 Plus 8217; battery yet, but we 8217;re not sure if it will be able to match that feat. The S20 Plus 8217; 25W charging is faster than the iPhone 8217;s 18W charging, but the difference is small. Both have wireless charging too.

The differences between the two are slight, we 8217;re calling this round a tie pending further testing.

Is the Galaxy S20 Plus the camera to surpass the iPhone 11 Pro Max? We haven 8217;t had enough time with it yet, but it shows promise. Samsung has squeezed an enormous quad-lens camera onto the back, and it 8217;s comprised of a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, a 64-megapixel telephoto lens, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens, and a Depth Vision (time-of-flight) sensor. This powerful and versatile setup is completed by some new features, including a 3x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom, as well as Space Zoom A.I. stabilization. It can also shoot video in 8K.

The S20 Plus has an extra lens, but is it better? It 8217;s hard to say at this point, having not completed our review. However, the signs are good, but we need more time to be sure. It 8217;s a tie, for now.

But Samsung 8217;s Achilles 8217; heel has always been updates, and it 8217;s here the iPhone really shines. Fresh iOS updates come through on the day of release, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max can expect to be updated for years to come. Samsung 8217;s flagships have to wait at least six months for the latest version of Android, and tend to be cut off from updates after two years. Apple 8217;s record on updates is stellar, and that wins it this round.

The Galaxy S20 Plus 8217;s array of special features and support for 5G makes this a one-sided contest.

But if you don 8217;t care whether you 8217;re using iOS or Android, and simply want the best phone, go for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.


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