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So here 8217;s what likely will happen over the next two weeks. The whispers and chatter regarding Brady 8217;s future will accelerate into yes-it 8217;s-tampering-but-no-one-cares face-to-face meetings between Yee and interested teams in Indianapolis, when the Scouting Combine gets rolling on Monday the 24th of February. By the end of the week in Indianapolis, Yee will know: (1) every other team that wants to pursue Brady; and (2) the general terms of their expected financial offers.

At that point, fully aware as to who and what is lurking behind Door No. 2, Yee and/or Brady can try to work something out with the Patriots before seeing the unofficial discussions pivot to something firm and official as of March 16, when teams can contact agents to make offers and to strike deals in principle.

If the calendar gets to March 1 without a new New England deal for Brady, it 8217;s time for Patriots fans who want him to stay to start getting nervous. If March 5 rolls around with no news of a new deal to stay in New England, it makes sense for Pats fans to get more nervous. With each passing day that no new deal is leaked or announced, the likelihood of Brady making his currently unofficial free agency official increases.

Heeeeeeeeeeee 8217;s going to Dallas.I mean L.A.I mean Denver.I mean Francisco.I mean Las Vegas.I mean 8230;

He wants to win a Super Bowl without an asterisk.

He needs to know how they plan on improving the defense to see if it will be enough to carry him 8230; 8230; 8230;again.

Andy Dalton, future Patriot. Good luck Andy.

So, in other words, 8230; nothing.

If the Patriots are so much in a hurry to know what Brady will do-they should give him permission to talk to any team now and tell the league office they are doing so.

This way Brady will know what he is doing sooner and they will know sooner.

I just don’t see Brady and the Pats parting ways right now. It makes too much sense for both of them to stay married just a little longer. Too risky for Brady to go to a new situation and also to risk negatively affecting the perception of him in NE. The Patriots just don’t have as good an option as Brady available to them, and Kraft is similarly worried about his legacy and the perception of his favorite son leaving.

I 8217;m sure it 8217;s just the sentimental old fool in me but I do not want to see Tom Brady in any uniform other than that of the New England Patriots. It would just be wrong, as it was with many others that have gone before. Montana, Manning, Favre, etc. Wrong. Just 8230; wrong.

I don 8217;t even want to see him put onsome other uni for a year or two and then 8220;retire as a Patriot. 8221; He needs to stay a Patriot and a Patriot only as far as I 8217;m concerned.

~Packers fan.

2 years, 60 Million.

Those hissy fits directed at receivers who run the wrong routes and drop passes won 8217;t carry much weight with players on teams other than the Patriots. Short-timer Brady will get that hissy attitude thrown right back in his face from players with any other franchise. He 8217;d better work out a deal in NE where he is the undeniable Hissy King of the roost, because that drama isn 8217;t going to fly anywhere else. Not with his decline. It 8217;ll be fun to watch, either way.

Do us all a favor and retire already.

He could go to the AFC West and join the Chargers. They have more playmakers on offense and isn 8217;t too far out from contending.

Come throw it around the yard to Mike Evans, Chris Godwin (both top 5 WRs statistically last year), OJ Howard, Cam Brate, and a solid defense, that badly needs a competent qbs to make a playoff run.

He 8217;s gonna be 43 when the season starts and has played in 9 super bowls, all with the Patriots. Maybe the ride is over but I don 8217;t see him giving up. He 8217;ll play 2 more years with the Patriots, I think.

8220;He wants to win a Super Bowl without an asterisk. 8221;

He has, 6 of them

Retire already.

Although he 8217;s owned my Bills for almost 2 decades, I too would like to see him finish out his career in NE.With all the money he and his wife have made, why go to another team for a couple more years for maybe $10 mil more?I know that sounds like a lot to us, but again, he and his wife have earned a fortune to date.How much money do you need?

Also, I think the Bills will sweep the Patriots next year and I would not want people to put an asterisk to that just because Brady wasn 8217;t there.

Brady is in a unique situation, and I feel that he should be careful about this whole thing.

I 8217;ve been a Patriots fan for almost 50 years. I know that I don 8217;t speak for all Pats fans, but I know that some feel the same way.

Along the path to his 6 titles, he was put through the ringer, several times, by the NFL, and jealous team owners and coaches. We, the NE fans, stuck with him with unprecedented, deserved, and tenacious loyalty.

He is already bordering on tarnishing his legacy with his Instagram posts, and his mopey, Jay Cutler-like attitude this past season. He threw away a lot of balls this year. . . to me, many of them looked like little temper tantrums. He was not a fearless leader last year, he acted like a baby after Antonio Brown was taken away.

Protect your legacy with your fans, Brady. You 8217;ll be very sorry of you mess that up for a crap year, or two in Vegas, or wherever.

Jerruh isn 8217;t going to pay Dak that crazy amount when he knows it 8217;s more important to pay secure Amari, Quinn, Byron Jones, etc. Brady goes to Dallas. Brady has the receiver he wants, the run game he wants and then the defense he wants. Jerruh gets the next 3 Super Bowls with brady. Dak, not so much.

He 8217;s gone.

Raiders have been fleeced by the Bears (draft picks amounted to nothing), fleeced by the Cowboys (Amari Cooper), fleeced by the Steelers (Antonio Brown), fleeced by the two washed up hacks in Gruden and Mayock, fleeced by the city of Las Vegas and now are about to be fleeced by a 42 year old QB!

You can 8217;t make this stuff up!

Rumor has it the Packers are willing to offer Brady 2 years, $65 million?!

I 8217;m a Raiders fan, guy is the best ever, but zero issue with Carr. Far from perfect, but a 43 year old QB on a rebuilding team makes zero sense

There is a lot to be learned from the ultimate bad-ass QB. . . Steve Grogan

Amen to that.Shortly I 8217;m going to be donating all my football/baseball cards from the 70 8217;s.The only ones I plan to keep are my Grogan cards.

Guess you missed the second part of the statement by Mike Reiss.

With no movement to date, I’m sticking with 80% odds on Brady 8217;s return at this time.

I 8217;d be curious to see if he can win on a team that dosent cheat.

Brady needs the money for his lifestyle and cosmetic surgery for him and wife are very expensive each single hair implant could cost thousands.Give the man a break.

Brady in Tampa would the best for him. Lots of offensive weapons. I would be surprised though if he chooses to play for anyone else but New England. I could see him willing to play in or near where he plans to retire after football, which could be all those west coast rumors

It would be fun to the GOAT QB vs the GOAT Coach play against each other.

If Belichick spied on the Bengals you know he leaves nothing to chance, he 8217;s got Tom 8217;s phone tapped and knows exactly what will happen

Tom never cheated; it 8217;s not in his DNA.If you 8217;re a Pats fan you know this.What 8217;s he thinking?My guess is that he 8217;d like to show the world that he can do it with another coach and another team.I think he may move on and come back for one day to retire a Patriot.

I 8217;m not going to pretend I have some secret source but this feels like posturing on both sides.That said, the Chargers are absolutely loaded with talent and would also offer him a blank check to fill an actual football stadium when they couldn 8217;t sell out one built for soccer.

However, if he does leave, all will be forgiven and forgotten within 5 years.Packers fans still love Farve and Montana is revered in the bay area as well as KC.

While NFL Teams theoretically cannot be negotiating with Brady, Las Vegas and Los Angeles businesses can most certainly be in negotiations with Gisele, Brady 8217;s wife. Her Sejaa Skincare line landed her in Forbes most successful female entrepreneurs, not to mention her modeling contacts that would make her a natural for Las Vegas. Brady knows he only has a couple of years left, so I think Gisele will be the deciding factor in where he plays next year. And I think that means the Raiders and Las Vegas where Brady and Gisele would become commercial royalty.

There is nothing left in NE for Brady to accomplish.The only thing he hasn 8217;t done in his career is win outside of NE.LA is the logical destination.They need a splash to sell tickets.And Brady needs the largest market in the country to grow his TB12 nutrition brand. Going back to NE accomplishes nothing for him.

The Raiders rebuilding 30 years. It 8217;s time to field a team with a quarterback who isn 8217;t scared Brady or no Brady! Move on unless you 8217;re a fan of mediocrity.

There 8217;s always the XFL.

If Brad


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