Erikse‎n: EPL‎ can never mat‎ch Milan derby atmosp

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Christian Eriksen has hailed the atmosphere of the Milan derby, claiming it cannot be rivaled by any he experienced in the Premier League.

「It was a great experience,」 Eriksen told La Gazzetta Dello Sport. 「The first half was sad, but winning like that with a comeback was very, very special. Now I can leave the stadium with a huge smile on my face.

「The fans had prepared this huge choreography that took up the entire end of the stadium. You don’t get that atmosphere in the Premier League, partly because they’re not allowed to.

「Here, you really feel the fans pushing you on from the moment you arrive in the team bus. They are slapping their hands on the side of the vehicle, you feel their passion and understand how important this match is.」


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