Nigerian‎ girls don&#‎039;t really love‎ flowers a

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Budding Yoruba actress, Bukola Shittu has opened a can of worms regarding Nigerian girls and flowers as gifts. We have seen many, at least, on TV purr with delight when their lovers present them with flowers as a gift.

In a chat with Potpourri, the video vixen turned actress, while responding to a question on her thoughts on St. Valentine 8217;s Day opened up another vista which many may consider as controversial.

「Valentines day is a celebration of love and affection, but these days, we celebrate people that don 8217;t love us. What I mean is that, as a young single lady, we always want to impress our loved ones then forget that we deserve to be loved in return. I respect ladies that buy gifts for their boyfriends on Val 8217;s Day,」 she quipped just as harmlessly as she could, before she dropped the poser.

「We are celebrating love so we shouldn’t expect much from each other. As a man, if you are buying any gift for Valentine please don’t just buy only flowers for any Nigerian woman, and if you decide to buy rose, please buy the real ones, I mean original rose . I, in particular hate plastic roses. I don’t even want real ones, I don 8217;t think any Nigerian lady does,」 she added sternly.


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