Aust‎ral‎ia‎ launches national inquiry into bushfi

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the vast scale of the fires—which killed more than 30 people and destroyed thousands of homes—required a new response from the bushfire-prone nation.

Australia has seen dozens of inquests into the causes of bushfires and steps that could be taken to mitigate them, with mixed results.

Many measures from the dozens of inquests going back to the 1930s have still not been implemented.

The opposition Labor party accused Morrison of trying to "shift attention to the things that he thinks are politically convenient to talk about" rather than "actually fixing climate change and getting emissions under control."

The conservative leader, who was criticised for his sluggish reaction to the months-long crisis, has defended his actions by pointing to regulations requiring states to formally request federal assistance.

He claimed to have operated in a "constitutional grey zone" by deploying thousands of troops and reservists to assist in the bushfire recovery.

"We did that without clear rules," Morrison said.


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