Dolphi‎ns reportedly warming up to Justin Herbert

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But between the Dolphins being better than expected, and Tagovailoa suffering a season-ending hip injury, things became more complicated.

Now, the team is forced to cast a wider net at quarterback, and they might like what they 8217;re finding.

This is a reasonable place to be in February, considering the Dolphins are picking fifth, and they may not be able to get to Tagovailoa (if his hip checks out) or Joe Burrow without making a major move up.

The 6-foot-6, 237-pound Herbert has prototypical size and a good arm, and also has shown mobility. He 8217;s also been something less than consistent on the field, though he had a good week at the Senior Bowl.

Again, it 8217;s early, and the Dolphins would be unwise to lock in on any particular player at the moment, since they don 8217;t have the first pick in the draft. And even if they 8217;re not crazy about Herbert, it doesn 8217;t hurt them to make other teams think they do.

A mobile big dude with a big arm that doesn 8217;t have 8220;Fragile 8221; written all over it? A year under Fitz might be just what the Fins and this this kid needs.

Ya, and they are interested in Andy Dalton too. Neither happening. Let the smoke screens begin.

Play it smart Flores and Grier. Make them think that you want Tua or Herbert and then trade down to bulk up the other positions.

I think its time for the Fins to send out their own smokescreens. They could be genuinely intrigued by Herbert but there is no need to force it with the crop of QBs coming out next year. It sounds cliche but they really need to let the draft come to them at #5. If Tua is there, which I expect, and they still want him, take him. Otherwise, take the best available. They are starved for talent and cannot afford to limit themselves.

Herbert will have a better pro career than Tua.

Don 8217;t need a quaterback this year. Focus on the line and pick up Swift late in the first round. Draft Lawrence next year and this team will be a contender.

Just a smoke screen. And if they want Tua they will have to trade up. Should be an interesting draft.

The Phins want Tua, but not at any price.This is a way to manipulate the narrative and maybe forestall someone from leapfrogging over them.

DON 8217;T REACH FOR ANY QB!!!!! We are not a QB away from the playoffs or being relevant.We can 8217;t run the ball nor can we stop the run.WE gave up the most sacks in the league, and we had the least sacks on defense in the league.Drafting a QB isn 8217;t going to change any of that.Build the trenches on both sides of the ball, then find a cover corner, a RB, and a safety.We have Fitz and Rosen, they can hold down the fort, while we build the infrastructure for the long haul.I don 8217;t care how dynamic your skill players are, if you don 8217;t have a solid O-Line and D-Line, you don 8217;t have a winning football team.

I 8217;m not a Herbert fan, nor a fan of drafting from PAC 10.The phins need to keep their #5 and take BPA.That might be Tua if he is available.I 8217;m hoping Isaiah Simmons is still on the board. At 18 i like Yetur Gross-Matos and at 26 either Mekhi Becton or Lloyd Cushenberry III and then a flyer on Jake Fromm in the second round.

Two years ago Herbert was considered the #1 prospect.That was before Burrow set the world on fire and all the Tua-mania.I think Herbert is going to be a better QB than Tua and if he 8217;s there at #5 they could either take him or get a king 8217;s ransom for passing on him.However, if you feel he 8217;s a franchise QB it might be worth the risk to take him 8230;unless they are targeting someone else later in the draft.I think Miami needs to address the future QB situation this year 8230;next year at the latest.

if theres any justice,it will be herbert,and not another 1st rounder with issues.and whatever team signs tua,we can send them fitzpatrick to hold his crutches.

Yep, take a pass rusher or an offensive lineman when you desperately in need of a QB. That worked out so well for Cleveland when they passed on Wentz, Watson, and Mahomes.

Good luck with this pac12 QB. Couldn 8217;t hit the broad side of a barn. But he 8217;s 6 8217;6.

As a Dolphin fan I have to disagree with the people saying 8220;don 8217;t reach for a QB 8221;. I 8217;m all in for Miami trading up to get Tua, even if it cost two 1st round picks. You build a team around a franchise QB and if Miami believes either Tua or Herbert is that guy, you don 8217;t hesitate to pull the trigger.

Miami still holds a magnitude of picks along with $100 million in cap space. If done right, with a little bit of luck, this team can make a giant turnaround in one offseason. I 8217;m tired of watching other teams take chances on QB 8217;s and hitting while the Dolphins 8220;let the board come to them 8221;.

Oh sure, take a QB that will get hit almost every time he drops back for a pass and will likely get injured and maybe have a shortened career.

I watched a couple of games with Herbert.His mobility is awkward.I see another Tannehill / Josh Rosen type 8230; who 8217;s going to take years to straighten that out.So I 8217;m not a Herbert fan.


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