Breaking:‎ Leave N‎iger‎ia now or we’ll force you

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Protesters, suspected to have been paid, Tuesday stormed Amnesty International office in Abuja, asking the rights organization to exit Nigeria.

The protesters who were majorly youths were spotted with different placards encrypted with words like 「You are the wheel behind Boko Haram, IMN, IPOB and ISWAP」.  「Amnesty International bury your head in shame.」 「Leave now or we will force you to leave」.

The yet to be identified protesters were chatting different songs, accusing Amnesty International of fueling crisis bedeviling the country.

Recall that in August 2, 2019, set of protesters had stormed the rights groups’ office in Abuja, demanding groups exit from Nigeria.

Reacting via its official twitter handle, Amnesty International opined that: 「This morning, people started gathering near our office. They queued up for screening for a ‘protest.’ They were brought in from suburbs of Abuja. They are barring entry and exit, at our office in Abuja: #Nigeria.

「The protesters that invaded our office are still arriving in large buses from outskirts of Abuja. Among those assembled for the protest, at our office today; are youths who were screened out, and told that they will not be paid, because they are not ‘properly dressed.’ One of them protested」.

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