How to T‎ransfer Music from an iP‎od to a Comput‎e

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Step 1: If you don 8217;t subscribe to Apple Music or want to access music you 8217;ve bought from the iTunes Store, you can re-download past purchases onto your PC or Mac. The process is the same on both platforms: on your desktop iTunes or Apple Music app, select click Account > Purchased. This will open up a window of all the songs you have ever purchased on your account.

Step 2: In the new window, in the upper portion, you will see an option to select songs that are Not in My Library. Choose this option to see all the songs that aren 8217;t currently on your device.

Step 3: Download all available albums by selecting the cloud-shaped icon in the upper-right corner of the album. Note that this will take up some bandwidth, so a good wireless connection is suggested. After the downloads are complete, those songs will now be in your device 8217;s music library.

There are a number of different apps available to help manage music between Apple devices and iTunes. Our favorite is iMazing, an app that manages all sorts of media, including songs. It 8217;s compatible with both Mac and PC, and you can even use it instead of the iTunes or Apple Music library for organization. Here 8217;s what to do.

Step 2: Open up iMazing 8212; the interface will look familiar if you use iTunes or Apple Music a lot. iMazing should automatically identify your iPod or other Apple device connected to your computer, and bring up its name in the left-hand sidebar menu. If it doesn 8217;t, unplug and reconnect your iPod to get things going.

Step 3: Select your device from the sidebar. This should identify the content on the device in a drop-down menu. Select Music from that menu.

Step 4: At the bottom of the iMazing window you will see several icons for iTunes-related actions you can take. You want to select the option that says Export to iTunes.

Step 5: A new window should now open that allows you to fill in some of the details. You can choose to export your entire library, or only export music (selecting the music-only option is a good idea if you have other content on the device). You can also choose to export to a separate folder, or directly to iTunes. Choose iTunes if it is the only music library you use, and select Next. You will also have options to choose what song data you want export 8212; unless you are really short on space, you can leave all song data checked. If you want to save some space and increase transfer speed, you don 8217;t really need Skips or Last Played data.

Step 6: Keep selecting Next to move onto the Transfer section, and confirm you are ready to begin. iMazing will then do the rest of the work.


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